Setting up an effective inbound marketing campaign whether you use the expertise of an agency or not will require your teams to increase their skills. Inbound marketing is a real business project! If you do not have the Ivory Coast Phone Number List , experience or sufficient perspective to offer a training plan to your teams , you can turn to an agency that is positioned on the digital transformation of the company, because the operational aspects change include all the issues related to improving employee skills.

Hubspot inbound marketing training remains a MUST
Hubspot is an American company that publishes comprehensive inbound marketing software that we distribute to our clients as a certified agency. The company, which is at the origin of this new awareness, participates a lot in the evangelization work of inbound marketing and produces numerous resources on this subject. Among all its achievements, the company offers training based on videos and powerpoints which leads to a small certifying quiz. This training should be put in everyone’s hands, but unfortunately it is only available in English at this time.

Marketing primarily affected by these developments

It is essential to know which information should be given as a priority according to the profiles to which it will be addressed. When it comes to inbound marketing, if you think about it, all employees should be approached in a specific way. The marketing department must be targeted as a priority because new tools will be adopted and will fundamentally disrupt the way it operates. Accustomed to push practices, employees should be aware of the general philosophy of inbound marketing but also understand its relevancein a changing world. Indeed, users are always more solicited by intrusive advertising that they bypass, and prefer to discover the brands when they choose it, through a search in Google for example. It is in this context that inbound marketing takes on its full meaning.


It will then be necessary to plan to train all marketers in traffic generation and transformation tools such as content marketing, social media marketing or natural referencing. As all these disciplines are closely linked, it is important that your employees can understand them in order to carry them out directly, subcontract them intelligently or collaborate internally on these subjects. If the marketing department is central in the implementation of these techniques for generating and transforming traffic internally or with the support of an agency, salespeople, management and the IT department are not left out.

Sales must be trained in “inbound sales”

Prospects from inbound marketing are qualified leads who have agreed to share their contact details with your company and who have sometimes gone so far as to solicit them directly to receive a commercial offer. These contacts have made a certain image of the company, got used to a tone, a philosophy, a line of communication and it is on this basis that they came into contact with you. In this sense, it is important that sales reps stay in line with these values and not just address these informed users as if this is their first contact with the brand. It is then important to forget the usual “pitch”of the company to offer a speech in continuity with what was initiated online, namely a quality commercial relationship. We usually take advantage of sales seminars or regional meetings to educate our inbound marketing clients’ salespeople on these issues. pure sales techniques must take a back seat for sales advice, a sale that creates added value.

Management must understand and tame new KPIs
Managers are decision-makers when it comes to initiating the digital transformation of which inbound marketing is a representation. They must then learn to analyze and monitor new performance indicators and quickly become familiar with them. In a business development logic, in most companies, we find conversion funnels where we identify cold prospects, current projects and won customers, in order to be able to carry out projections. In an inbound marketing context, this diagram must also take into account the new qualified prospects generated via the company’s website.

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