I recently came across an article by Neil Patel , founder of Crazyegg and Portugal Phone Number List sites that caught my eye. He explained how creating infographics had helped him generate tons of traffic and backlinks. He shares in this article the results he has obtained so far:

In 2 years, he created 47 infographics and generated a total of over 2,500,000 visitors and 41,000 backlinks from 3,741 unique domains; On average, each infographic therefore generated more than 53,000 visits and 875 backlinks from 79 unique domains; On social media, the average is 486 tweets and 259 likes;
Neil is indeed convinced that having relied on infographics as the central pillar of his content strategy has enabled him to meet the success he enjoys today. According to him, this type of content offers invaluable value to companies in 3 areas : Attracting traffic : Unless you are an exceptional copywriter, an infographic will always be read and shared more than a blog post;

But why ??

But why are we so drawn to infographics? The answer seems to be much simpler than we might think: information presented in visual form is easier for the human brain to digest. The infographic below, created by Marketing Domination Media, shows us the power of infographics for your content strategy: Improving branding : Thanks to your company’s logo affixed at the end of the infographic and the use of your graphic charter, your brand will be much more visible and will reach new Internet users more easily; Strengthening your SEO : as explained above, infographics have great viral potential, and can potentially allow you to gain links from high authority sites, thereby improving your SEO (and also your referrer traffic) Use online dictionaries and proofreaders

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Redundancies and spelling mistakes should be avoided in your articles. It is about managing the image of your company and convincing prospects to use your offers. If you are going into content marketing, your articles should be flawless in both substance and form . As no one is perfect and the French language is riddled with pitfalls, do not hesitate to use online tools. There are thesaurus dictionaries, which help you diversify certain expressions, and proofreaders looking for typos that you might not have picked up on reading.

A content marketing agency targets your customers on social networks

However, these tools never replace “human” proofreading. As it is sometimes difficult to see your own mistakes, by dint of having your nose in your article, do not hesitate to have your work proofread by a colleague. Your content is at the center of your Inbound Marketing strategy , so it requires special attention. Web writing is a profession in its own right, which requires skills in both French language and digital marketing. Between researching, writing, proofreading, and final perfecting, it can take several hours a day. Do not hesitate to call on our content creation agency to write your content and ensure the success of your digital marketing!

The plan also helps you to ventilate the drafting. The ideal is to have one idea per paragraph , included in the subtitle. Not only will you write much faster if you organize your ideas and know exactly what you are going to develop line by line, but you also help the user see at a glance the points covered in your article.
In addition, an agency that masters the creation of content is able to conduct a behavioral study of the target clientele , in order to offer an approach adapted to their needs and expectations on social networks .

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