A very interesting thing in reality is that no matter which country’s top APP is actually a communication software (IM) . And because communication and social distance are relatively close, Bahrain Phone Number people often link products such as WeChat and Weibo to say, Going a step further, and because we are always faced with two distinct activities, life and work, both IM and social networking can be further divided into life-oriented and work-oriented. In this, I am less optimistic about the major category of workplace social Bahrain Phone Number networking. To clarify this question, we must try to see the nature of the four domains divided from the two dimensions of IM or social, life or work. High IM usage rate, SNS can be realized The use of IM is supported by rigid demands, but the use of SNS is more emotional.

To Clarify This Question Bahrain Phone Number

IM has a long lifespan, high frequency of use, and wide coverage because it is just needed and has no attributes; SNS has a short lifespan and small coverage because of emotional colors or certain labels. But SNS has an obvious advantage. Its realization Bahrain Phone Number path is simpler and clearer, and it can directly add advertisements, while pure IM is difficult to realize. This is very clearly reflected in Chinese products. Regardless of QQ or WeChat, there are a lot of things tied to the back. Never let yourself Bahrain Phone Number  be a pure IM, but strengthen your social attributes. But WhatsApp doesn’t seem to have responded yet. For a person’s related people, the people that IM needs to cover is actually different from the people that SNS needs to cover.

This Is Very Clearly Reflected Bahrain Phone Number

Bahrain Phone Number
Bahrain Phone Number

Sometimes you don’t want to have a social relationship with the people you talk to. And sometimes the people you want to follow don’t. would like to speak to you. Therefore, the deep Bahrain Phone Number association of IM and SNS will indeed bring certain disadvantages. But in comparison, there are more advantages. From SNS to IM is equivalent to upstream, Bahrain Phone Number which is very difficult. So it often happens in many SNS. One of the scenarios is to confirm what the IM account number is. This is not caused by differences between products and products. But caused by the innate attributes of IM and SNS.

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