IT companies, when recruiting, prefer people from BAT (Baidu, Ali, Tencent, and big Internet companies represented by them), which is an objective phenomenon. Why is this happening? Tongliao Phone Number Recently I was chatting with a friend who was working at Yahoo and is now starting a business. And his point of view was very inspiring to me. Why recruit people from BAT? Usually the answer that everyone is most likely to think of is: because their professional skills are better. This is quite right.  If you are Tongliao Phone Number eating professional and technical meals, it may be difficult to gain a foothold without two brushes. But then again, professional technology is of course not the only way of Huashan.

The Company Has a Relatively Tongliao Phone Number

Apart from BAT, there are still many experts outside the world who can still solve troublesome technical problems. So if you prefer BAT just because of professional technology, the reason is not very good. In addition to professional skills, what are the favored points of Tongliao Phone Number people who come out of BAT? Values ​​and behavior habits are actually quite important and neglected factors. To undertake the topic of professional technology above, inside BAT, everyone tends to form a relatively objective atmosphere of arguing with professional technology – I am not convinced by you, I can Tongliao Phone Number prove it with technology, if you are not satisfied, please show objective evidence Come. I have encountered very unreliable technical solutions formulated by technical staff from Tencent.

There Are Various Intricate Tongliao Phone Number

Tongliao Phone Number
Tongliao Phone Number

In addition to technical values, there are also business values. How well you work, you need to be recognized by customers (whether internal or external). Although in order to achieve results,  Tongliao Phone Numbers it is inevitable that some people will use all kinds of brains, but relatively speaking, they are more standardized than many other companies. If an employee gets compliments from customers, usually everyone admires and recognizes the value of his work. In other words, there is a natural pursuit of “concentrating Tongliao Phone Number on work and serving customers” magnetic field exists (the company will also strive to strengthen it). Although everyone knows that companies create value by serving customers, in many companies.

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