Webinar (webinar in French) defines a conference or an online training . Interactive, the webinar is a way for companies to make themselves Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List to a qualified target, to retain their customers and improve their e-reputation. Using web tools, an organizer can then host a remote educational event and deliver a quality seminar to Internet users interested in the topic of the webinar.

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This method has revolutionized the art of meeting and everyone can now talk to or learn from the best, even if they live on the other side of the planet. For companies, the webinar has become a formidable marketing tool that greatly facilitates the recruitment of prospects, which values ​​relationships with customers and which offers particularly effective technical support.

Using the webinar for your Inbound Marketing

Simple to implement and inexpensive, the webinar is one of the flagship tools of Inbound Marketing . It helps you to acquire contacts or to retain your customers, by allowing you to disseminate in a fast and illustrated way your news, to present your company or to demonstrate your knowledge.


It is also content that you can integrate into your lead nurturing strategy , in order to show your prospects the usefulness of your services and the impact they can have on their daily life.

The webinar completely obeys the rules of Inbound Marketing, insofar as it is a little aggressive prospecting method . Indeed, it is up to the potential customer to take the step to register for your virtual conference. As it is he who comes naturally to you, you can be sure of his interest in your activity and better succeed in capturing his attention to transform him into a customer.

The webinar, a popular method

This very recent method of communication is already acclaimed by a majority of Inbound Marketers, especially in the BtoB sector. A study by Joe Pulizzi and Ann Handley , published in 2014, shows that among the various content strategies, the webinar is used by 62% of them .

Thus, your Content Marketing must be adapted to BtoB customers . The content and editorial style used must meet the needs of this specific target to reassure them of your commercial commitments. Know that content trends will be more oriented towards concrete case studies, the proposal of detailed tutorials, feedback … Whether for a blog article or a white paper, consider providing figures, results and concrete examples to reassure professionals of your skills and know-how.

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