We’ve come a long way since the Ireland Email List of Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Today, the popularity of video games is reaching many demographic groups and providing more marketing opportunities than ever before. 67% of Americans play at least one video game every day, whether it’s on a game console, desktop or mobile device. This represents about 211 million Americans. Video games represent 16% of their leisure time, or about 12 hours per week. Games on mobile devices are an important part of this gaming activity. Among the gamer population, 90% play on a smartphone. And 50% of mobile app users (whatever they are) play on their smartphone .

As these numbers make clear, the gaming community is unlikely to be made up entirely of young men in their teens or in their early twenties. On the contrary, the largest share of gamers is those who grew up with the first video game technologies: the millennials or Generation Y (people born between 1978 and 1994). Now that the prepubescent pimple gamer myth is deconstructed, we can also eliminate the notion that the game is male dominated. In fact, most statistics show that there are almost as many women as men playing video games on a regular basis. The gaming market in France continues to grow,

What are the marketing opportunities

One major change that is expected to help the growth of the gaming industry is the rollout of streaming services. Microsoft and Google are both embarking on this technology with the xCloud and Stadia projects respectively . These Cloud Gaming services will allow users to stream games to their devices, eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware to run the latest generation games that can be a barrier to entry for many users. With such an audience of gamers, you might be wondering how your brand can benefit from it. The good news is that there are plenty of marketing and advertising opportunities in the video game space, and these are likely to only increase in the years to come.


Twitch is the most popular video streaming platform where users can watch gamers while they play (yes, people who watch other people play video games). There are a number of methods that brands use to stand out in front of Twitch audiences. These include Twitch ads (although the campaigns are apparently quite expensive and start around $ 50,000), influencer marketing in the form of sponsorship of a player or a popular team of gamers, or even the creation of an official Twitch channel for your brand. Advertising within gaming applications is a strategy increasingly adopted on mobile. Depending on the game

Product placement and in-game advertising

the ads may be video placements, interstitial display ads, or interactive display ads. With many mobile games running on a freemium model, in-app ads are often the price of entry for gamers wanting to play for free. Beyond in-app advertising, there is another way to bring your brand into the video game environment. Product placement and in-game advertising places the advertisements or products in the context of the game itself. Sports games, for example, are very popular when it comes to product placement of athletics brands. In-game advertising generally takes the form of advertising that exists in the game world itself.

Imagine a billboard you drive past while demolishing the freeway in a stolen car, for example. Even the presidential candidates exploit this method of communication: the players of the game Burnout Paradise, released in 2008, may have seen a billboard advertising for Barack Obama . Creating an advergame, that is, a branded game created, developed and managed by a brand, is arguably the most expensive way to present yourself to the gaming audience. Games like this are obviously a great branding opportunity, but they are also difficult to launch and by no means a safe bet in terms of ROI. I hope that by now we have helped to clear things up about who players are and how valuable they can be as an audience.

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