We have all, at one time or another, had a terrible experience with customer service : endless queues on the phone, impersonal and cold emails, UK WhatsApp Number List barely speaking your language… The list goes on! Each time, these bad experiences give a very bad image of companies , which see their credibility and their effectiveness tarnished. And consumers are unhappy.

Today, however, with the rise of digital technologies and new means of communication, companies can improve their customer service activities, thanks in particular to a social network : Twitter . This is indeed the ideal tool for communicating quickly with consumers, providing them with the answers they need and building a relationship of trust with them, all at a fraction of the cost of call centers.

Twitter, a formidable B2C communication tool

More than just a social network, Twitter is also a fantastic B2C communication tool that has many benefits for both customers and businesses. Here are a few: The secret to customer service is quick response. What could be easier for a customer than to communicate directly on Twitter with the company by exposing their problem to them in less than 140 characters? I personally tried the experience recently with Ryanair and received a satisfactory response within minutes!

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Personalized and tailor-
made answer Admit that having to answer an automatic answering machine by pressing keys on your phone or receive a “typical” email in response to a request, it is rather irritating! For customer service on Twitter, on the other hand, we always receive a personalized and tailor-made message, sometimes punctuated with the initials of the person behind the tweet (see image above).

Above all, adapt to the needs of your customers

Proactivity , fast and transparent communication , personalization of the message , etc. The advantages of using Twitteras customer service tools are numerous, those stated above are of course not exhaustive. However, the effectiveness of this social network in solving consumers’ problems depends above all on their needs. Indeed, if the customer’s problem is too complex, 140 characters will certainly not be enough to explain the problem, nor to solve it. Likewise, if the majority of your target audience does not use Twitter (for example if they are seniors), again customer service via this means of communication does not seem adequate. Remember that your customer service has only one goal: to improve the customer experience by helping them solve their problems. So, above all, make sure you adapt to their need

Inbound marketing is now a complement to Outbound which aims to improve your traditional marketing approaches , but also to enhance your actions in the field. It allows you to attract your target to your business using more subtle techniques, especially with various marketing content . The goal of inbound is to share information with your target at the right time, so that they can contact you on their own.

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