Advertising is no longer what it used to be: “shooting” at crowds with TV spots or large billboards in the streets with the idea of ​​reaching a few of the thing of the past. Now all is the opposite. Advances in technology and necessary budget adjustments have given way to the fine tuning: “sniper” advertising. if the above were “cannonballs”. A good example of this segmentation can be seen in the sports broadcasts of recent weeks at the European Championship . where the same event offers different advertising depending on the country to which the images are being sent.

In the past. to get billboards to display different advertisements for different audiences. there was only one alternative: two broadcasts from opposite sides of New Zealand Phone Number the playing field. Thus. a transmission of the World Cup in Germany 2006 . for example. showed Cola-Cola posters for Western audiences and another. filmed from the opposite side. reflected other advertisements. for Mastercard. for example. for Asian audiences. With the unstoppable advancement of technology this is no longer necessary. no longer do you need two sets of cameras. cameramen.

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Technicians and directors to mount two transmissions simultaneously from opposite angles. Nor the design and assembly of two groups of posters. Now. the cameras detect only the screens located on the sides of the playing field and the advertising is then incorporated into the TV signal and the streaming service in question. Thus. the advertisements “travel” separately. depending on where the receiver who is going to watch them is located. In the future (not too far. by the way). this can be done per person. that is. depending on the profiles of each receiver. the transmission will prioritize certain brands over others.

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Advertising. marketing and segmentation Segmentation is key in marketing because it allows you to adjust the message to the receiver. It has always been applied in advertising. more and more (and better). The first thing to do is define what category a product (or service). Is in and place it in the corresponding market. Then. it is necessary. To define the theoretical criteria of the segmentation variables . such as geographical. demographic. age. sex. volume of income. etc. The other issue to consider is the descriptive category.

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with the idea of ​​achieving a more specific delimitation of the consumption sector. There. an analysis of the segments must be made.. Knowing the purchase frequency of the consumer-recipient. the frequency. Of use of the brand in question and the potential of sales in the longer term. That is where the fine tuning of new TV sports broadcasts. Begins to have immeasurable value in defining segmented distribution strategies. In August 2020. Nike separated from Neymar.

Thus. after 15 years. the brand lost one of its greatest. Assets just when the player was at the beginning of his sporting maturity. The brand had joined Neymar when the Brazilian. Current striker for French PSG. Was only 13 years old and played in the lower divisions of the Santos club. However. explanations related to the departure of the sports. Brand as sponsor of the footballer were never given. Until now. A report this Friday. May 28. from the Wall Street Journal indicates that the. American sportswear giant stopped working with

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