The Argentine coach had been hospitalized in January with a health problem and spent much of his stay in Mexico with a cane due to arthritis in both knees. “Together we surprised the world. We show that soccer is passion and heart.” Dorados said in a tweet posted Thursday night. “Thanks for everything. boss! Get well and see you soon! When no one believed in us. we wrote an unforgettable adventure with Diego de Sinaloa”. “Forever golden” Maradona took charge of Dorados in September 2018 and led the team to decisive instances to have a chance of promotion. although he did not succeed.

Maradona’s contract was due to expire at the end of June. but he decided not to renew it to focus on his recovery. Dorados was the fifth club that Jordan Phone Number Maradona had managed: he had previously been in charge of Mandiyú de Corrientes. Racing Club. Al Wasl and Fujairah FC . the first two from Argentina. He also led Lionel Messi’s team to the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. “Diego Maradona will not continue in Mexico as technical director of Dorados. The confirmation came hours after the MRI that was performed at the Olivos Clinic on his left shoulder.” Clarín published . Morla wrote on the networks: “Diego.

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Maradona decided not to continue in the technical direction of Dorados. On medical advice he will dedicate time to his health and will undergo two operations: shoulder and knee. Grateful to the entire Dorados family and we will continue the dream together in the future.” According to the sources consulted in Argentina. in the shoulder. the problem is ligamentous. The discomfort in the knee. which causes problems to move. is osteoarthritic. Antonio Nuñez. owner of Dorados. had expressed his desire that Maradona continue in the technical direction of the Culiacán team. even if he had not achieved promotion.

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It is not for less. the investment in the star has surely brought him international attention that would hardly have been achieved otherwise. His statistics in Dorados indicate that he directed 35 games. with 18 wins. 10 draws and 7 losses. His percentage of effectiveness was 61%. Everything is ready for the Copa América to start in Brazil . It will be played between June 14 and July 7 at different venues of the continent’s giant. in practically the same facilities that were used for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. For brands . it is also a great opportunity to launch promotions.

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Advertisements and build customer loyalty. Even more so in economically difficult times. Such as those that the countries of two of the great favorites are going through to lift the cup: Brazil. the local team. and Argentina . . with Lionel Messi as the flag bearer. One of the developments that will hurt the Copa America in terms of marketing power is the loss of Brazilian and PSG star Neymar Jr . who was injured in a friendly game against Qatar last week and was ruled out of the entire event. Precisely Qatar . the organizing country of the 2020 World Cup. will also be part of the championship.

As a way to spread the sport in that country. Another team that is not from South America will also participate: Japan . The Japanese team had already been part of it on two previous occasions. On this occasion. Mexico will not be present . as had happened in previous cups. T&C Sport TyC Sport . the most important sports channel in Argentina and one of those that will broadcast the event. launched its new campaign titled “Club Atlético Argentina”. The advertisement thrilled thousands of users on social networks. In the spot. a man tells a group of boys about. The milestones in the country’s history as if he were talking about a soccer club. “A country in the world is like a neighborhood. and we are a neighborhood team.

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