AddThis also has other options with which you can promote your newsletter or lead magnets or show related content. It is a plugin, but as with any additional plugin on your site, it is important to consider whether the extra loading time outweighs the benefits it offers you. AddThis is free to use.

Don’t feel like paying? This article will give you more useful apps and services that provide video captioning for you, including free versions. In addition, you have Triple8 that subtitles for free (with watermark).


HappyScribe for Subtitles

If more than 80% of online viewers are watching your video without sound, then subtitles are a must for many videos. HappyScribe is a content tool that uses AI to create subtitles for your video for more than 60 languages. The subtitles are Software Managers Email Lists in principle up to 85% correct. That means that you make corrections manually for the rest, but it works very quickly and easily. If you want to do it more accurately and with less manual work, a human can take care of the transcription for you. In addition, you can largely adapt the layout of your subtitles to your wishes and house style. In addition to subtitling, HappyScribe also makes transcriptions. HappyScribe costs €0.20 per minute of subtitles or transcription if you choose the AI ​​form.

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Loom for instructional videos

Loom is very useful for instructional videos . You make screen recordings with it and if you want, you as an instructor yourself appear small or slightly larger. That makes the instruction much more personal. Over the past year, Loom has added more and more features and gives you, for example, the option to directly edit the video, protect it with a password and branding or add a call-to-action button. Loom has a free version for videos up to 5 minutes. If you want to be able to make more functions and longer videos, you pay $8 per month if you opt for an annual subscription.

An alternative to Loom is Vimeo’s Chrome extension , which also allows you to take screenshots, but it is less extensive than Loom.

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