Since 2010, June 30 has been celebrated as International Social Media Day . These social platforms have managed to completely revolutionize human communication, since it is now instantaneous and collaborative. This has made users become content consumers . Both Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or the famous Tik Tok platform have become a fundamental part of anyone’s day-to-day life, whether for work or leisure reasons, and they make it possible communication in different spheres of life.

From creating new job opportunities, to spreading the latest news worldwide or presenting new brands or projects, Social Networks are currently the source of social communication par excellence. With them there are no borders, since the content is China whatsapp number list worldwide in seconds. For these reasons, among others, the society of the 21st century has undergone a great change, such as the unstoppable growth of online shopping , the constant increase in publications sharing daily achievements or the search for work through the Internet, among others.

Social Communication Par Excellence

Social Networks have known how to offer today’s society what it is looking for, which is comfort and pleasure, since everything is just a click away on the screen of your device. This means that daily life is completely digitized, and that people grow and develop in front of screens. It is clear that this evolution is unstoppable, but like everything else, these communication tools are a double-edged sword, so it is essential to know how to use them correctly, since depending on this they completely change the results obtained from them, and it is that for example the future of a brand may depend on them.


For this reason, in the professional field it is very important to correctly manage Social Networks. Since they are the letter of introduction of the brand. If you are concerned about the Social media of your brand, at Rana Negra we have a professional Community Manager service to manage and boost the social networks of companies and create quality content for them. Contact us!Fans will be able to watch the Euro2020 matches on the pitch. However, capacity constraints and travel restrictions. Measures will mean that many people will not be able to travel to fuel their teams.

Today’s Society What It Is Looking

One of the actions you will try to shorten that hurdle. Get your chosen followers in is a photo contest. Ask them to upload a photo showing their jersey, experiencing the European Championship or cheering on their team. Don’t forget to enable the public gallery with all entries! Euro2020 Photo Contest Photo Contest (Atlético de Madrid) Click on the image to enlarge What will you achieve with. The photo contest? Loyalty and Reward Your Followers Gain Brand Awareness Generate User-Generated Content Generate Qualified. Leads Incentivize Product Purchases Now that you know how to engage your users with a Euro2020 interactive marketing campaign.

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