What are the differences between omnichannel and multichannel? Within the world of communications and digital marketing, it is very common to hear both terms: omnichannel and multichannel. However, there are marked differences between the two and few manage to establish them. A multichannel strategy, although it is based on the presence of a certain brand in different communication and exposure channels ; this does not necessarily obey the same objectives.

In most companies, they work under the multi-channel concept. It is common in this sense, that a user can see differences between the benefits offered by a store through an online purchase, than in the conventional way, especially when it comes to taking advantage of offers and promotions. Seo and Malta phone number content marketing: 12 important tips in general, stores try to reward customers who use their digital channels; while their policies regarding prices and customer service are not the same. In short, they see the physical store and the online store as two separate businesses.

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In fact, multichannel has been operating within marketing for many years. It basically consists of having a presence in different channels such as social networks, email marketing, content marketing , call center, among others, but each channel has different objectives . On the contrary, the omnichannel strategy seeks to interact in a unified way and its objective is to maintain communication that adapts to the medium that the consumer likes to use the most. (unite, 2021). In other words, each channel approaches the consumer with the same objectives .

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In omnichannel marketing , the aim is to improve a customer’s shopping experience. This will bring higher profits to a company. What are the advantages of an omnichannel strategy? The first thing to keep in mind is that this type of strategy requires a greater use of tools and that. But, once implemented all the work will be very simple and in return, several advantages are enjoyed. These that ultimately translate into more customer loyalty, better positioning and higher sales.

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The advantages of an omnichannel strategy are the following: unified brand image good productivity increase in conversions improvement in data collection. Brand image by ensuring that the message is consistent, through the different communication channels implemented, the image of the brand will benefit.

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