First of all, congratulations, you are lucky, not everyone gets to dedicate themselves to their true passion, and we are sure that it has not been easy, we know, because we are like you, delighted with our work but striving to every moment The second thing, regardless of the business model you have, to continue in a world as competitive as the one we live in, we have to be constantly evolving and adapting, our potential clients do not behave in the same way for years, nor do our competition or even our suppliers, knowing how to adapt is fundamental, and that does not mean that you have to lose your vision of how to do things in your business, nor that you have to give your business model a radical turn.

Take into account where your potential customers are and reach them, both in the form and where. Graphic image and marketing go hand in hand. You may really like what you do, that if you don’t get the salary to live on, well, things are going badly, right? And since salary doesn’t grow on trees, we need our clients, it’s that simple and logical. Making Belarus whatsapp number list known in your city, to who your target audience is, is a long-term task in which you have to be constant, it will not be worth one day to distribute flyers among the residents of the neighborhood or to hang up a couple of posters , nor with that you put things on Facebook from time to time.

Regardless Of The Business

Get involved in a Google Adwords campaign, work very seriously on SEO positioning, carry out campaigns on social networks, remind your potential clients that you are there with a newsletter campaign… sell what you sell, products or services, they will look for them on Google, even if the end user will never search for you on Google (let’s take an example of bed pads for children and the elderly) there will be other people buying them for them, so don’t close doors and stay with the neighbors from your neighborhood as customers, because any day, they go to the competition.


Carry out certain promotional actions, both online and offline, that adapt to the tastes of your potential clients, reward their loyalty, that your treatment of your clients is what they expect, that the quality of your services is also in line with your audience, These are other issues that go beyond digital marketing and that are equally important. Many professionals may ask these questions, but they are so passionate about doing what they really love, or they don’t have time, or they are aware of their lack of knowledge about everything that can be done to have profitable marketing, that they simply they let it go. But for that we are professionals in digital marketing and web development , to accompany you on the exciting path of evolution in business, so that you can continue dedicating yourself to what you like throughout your life.

It’s That Simple And Logical

For our part, we hope to be able to surprise you shortly by showing you our team of professionals. Which has grown like the foam! But we don’t want to do it in any way, we will introduce them to you when we have a little time to make some cool design where you can see who makes up the Black Frog family today. So that, from the displays that you have available at your point of sale, customers can access your voting campaign. To participate you only have to identify yourself. See the different photos of your products or services and vote for your favorites.

There may be one, two, even thousands… you ask and we give it to you! quiz with codes Another action would be a personality test or a road quiz in which users will obtain. A series of results, depending on the answers they select. Once on the final screens, you will see your codes . For example, if you do a personality test of “What is your ideal look to go to the beach? Users who reach the final screen of “Printed swimsuit with carrycot and sunglasses. Will get a discount code to be able to buy that outfit in store. Sales-on-instagram-quiz1 Newsletter subscribers And last but not least. You can carry out a dynamic by sending your newsletters .

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