An Inbound Marketing strategy is based on the principle of bringing the customer to you, thanks to natural referencing techniques, social media marketing or via press relations, by focusing these practices around quality content. To be able to set it up effectively, we are now suggesting that you follow 3 key steps, which will allow you to acquire visitors Honduras Phone Number List in your offers and transform them into customers. Step 1: Determine the environment for your targets and your approach strategy. To be successful, you must have a good understanding of your business environment in a digital context, but also the precise profile of the users you want to address. Who are they ? What are their problems, objectives, challenges, constraints? This reflection will allow you to define what we will call your buyer personas, these “typical buyers”. All you will do from this point on is put in place tools and develop techniques to attract these individuals to you and turn them into customers.

After having identified the profile of your customers, you will need to know where they are hiding on the internet. The answer to this question helps you to know on which communication channels you need to be present. For example, if you target teenagers, you will be able to grow your audience on Facebook. If you are targeting companies and managers, you will have to put more effort on professional social networks like Linkedin, Viadeo or Xing. In any case, we usually recommend that our customers be present on the four main social networks (Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter) whatever their sector of activity by adapting the tone of their messages according to these channels. .

Create and distribute the content to create a qualified audience

Now that you know where to communicate and what subjects to discuss, you will need to set up activities to promote your site, your blog and bring qualified users to you: First of all, if you haven’t already, you need an efficient and effective website. It is the basis of any Inbound Marketing strategy, since it is he who will attract visitors! It must be ergonomic, designed for the user experience and adapted to mobile navigation . Today, 1 in 2 French people regularly navigate from their smartphone or tablet . It is essential to offer him an intuitive site, which will make him want to continue browsing.


Of course, this website must be optimized for SEO (natural referencing) . Thanks to step 2, you have a list of keywords in line with the research of your potential customers. You must therefore write the content of your site taking into account the SEO parameters. Your website must contain a blog section which will be a pillar of your Inbound Marketing strategy . It is he who will bring you the most traffic thanks to the regular writing of articles related to your activity. Moreover, your Inbound Marketing strategy must imperatively include a content marketing strategy , which will be oriented towards your target and which will support your SEO.

Convert website visitors to customers

When your digital presence is effective, you will see your website traffic increase and you will have to think about setting up conversion tools . This requires the provision of free resources (newsletters, white papers, trial offers, samples, etc.) which encourage visitors to send you their contact details in order to access them. It will then be necessary to create landing pages and call-to-action which will push the Internet user to subscribe. In this way, you will turn unknown visitors into qualified prospects.

When the user registers, it is necessary to set up an automated strategy for sending lead nurturing emails, which will allow the prospect to move forward in the purchase tunnel . Indeed, the latter may not be ready to buy from the first moments of your relationship. Your lead nurturing campaign via marketing automation will allow you to succeed in this direction.

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