The reason stems from the Croatian Email List policy YouTube, which currently allows the display of advertisements mid-roll (commercials that appear in the middle of the video) on videos with a duration of at least 10 minutes . Therefore, for YouTubers who are trying to generate income, it makes sense that they are maximizing their potential in this regard by creating videos that always exceed that 10 minute threshold. It also means, that sometimes, some have to lengthen their content a little more, which is not ideal for its quality and the viewers. Well, this policy will change at the end of July 2020, since YouTube has announced an update to its monetization policy stipulating that videos of 8 minutes, instead of 10, will now be able to display mid-roll ads.

“Starting at the end of July, all videos longer than eight minutes will be able to contain these types of ads. As part of this change, mid-roll video ads will be enabled for all eligible videos (newly uploaded and previously published), including those for which you previously disabled them. The content for which this type of advertisement is already activated will not be modified. ” As a result, shorter videos will now be able to be monetized, which is good news for creators, and probably a little inconvenient change for viewers. However, it is interesting to note that YouTube declares that these mid-roll commercials will be automatically displayed in videos

Therefore, for YouTubers who are trying

without the consent of the video creator! Be careful, therefore, to manually deactivate this option if you do not want to display mid-roll ads in the middle of some of your videos. Creators can always turn them off if they wish, and / or adjust the automatic placement of these ads. But clearly the goal is to increase the number of ads on YouTube, increase ad inventory, and increase YouTube revenue . Indeed, this increase in overall ad space can be significant in terms of revenue, considering that some 30,000 hours of content are uploaded to the platform every hour. At the start of 2020, YouTube’s advertising revenue fell , despite the increase in audiences during COVID-19.


, This is explained by the economic disruptions experienced by companies which have probably had to adapt their media budgets downwards. Also, the migration of many influencer streamers to Twitch is increasingly reducing the weight of YouTube revenue generated by advertising. Fewer advertisers means less dollars going through the YouTube network, which means less money going to content creators. By increasing the reach of its mid-roll ads, YouTube is likely looking to offset these losses and maintain not only its own revenue, but also those of its creators, which it must retain to continue to attract new viewers. Increasing the number of ads will likely benefit the players who use them overall, but it will also lower the prices of YouTube ads.

Why is YouTube making this choice now

Thus, if yououtubers will be able to post more ads, if the overall price is lower, not sure that they are the winners … But we can assume that YouTube has already thought about this situation, and that it does providing more advertising space will likely help creators generate more revenue. For businesses (advertisers) this means more opportunities to reach people on YouTube, and for consumers, as we said before, putting ad breaks in shorter videos doesn’t is probably not too disturbing, given that they are used to the same for slightly longer clips. Mobile marketing : sending a message to a consumer, who uses a mobile phone, based on a promotion, their geolocation or news.

Online advertising : making online advertising to encourage the customer or potential customer to take action (affiliation, search or display). Automation of direct marketing or marketing automation Developing and managing direct marketing campaigns requires good organization and timing. This is why businesses large and small are now resorting to task automation with marketing automation software. Recurring tasks such as sending sms or e-mail are then scheduled for automatic execution. In addition, the programming of tasks can be done taking into account criteria such as: A customer or a prospect can therefore receive personalized messages at specific points in their journey . All this automatically.

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